Episode 007: Rae Karim

November 3, 2017

Rae Karim is an author, poet, preacher and entrepreneur based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The life experience she pours into her writings has made her highly sought after on the city's poetry and literary scenes. It is that same experience that gives Rae such an effective and powerful ministry regardless of the age, race or socioeconomic background of her audience. As such, Rae served as pastor of Northwood Christian Church and currently serves as Chapel Director at Christian Theological Seminary, where she received her Master of Divinity degree.  She is a fiercely devoted friend and a highly respected, active member of her community whose work ignites courage on purpose for purpose™.

Learn more about her latest initiative #projectCovered this in this episode and visit journeytofindinggrace.com/pursue to donate! 


Five Minutes of Grace- Take the Risk

October 1, 2017

Finding Grace is rebranding! Every week I will upload a short episode to start your week. This week's Five Minutes of Grace is challenging you to take a risk. Thank you for joining me on my journey to finding grace. 


Episode 006: VK Press with Shavonne Holton

August 31, 2017

This year Shavonne released her first self-published book, launched a blog, apparel line, and just launched her Podcast, Ladies Night. We talked about everything from writing to relationships. Visit journeytofindinggrace.com/pursue to learn more!


Episode 005: Raw Chicks

July 20, 2017

Raw Chicks Poke started as a thought, an idea with two friends and a bottle of wine. With one experience and conversation, comes a vibrant business, executing and providing the culture and cuisine of the Hawaiian Islands. 
Check out their website, rawchickspoke.com, to learn more!


Episode 004: A 12 Year Journey with Ms. Nikki B

June 22, 2017

Nicole Barnes was born and raised in Indianapolis as the oldest of 3 girls. She works for a local, faith based non-profit that works as a catalyst for racial and economic justice while also serving at her church, in various ministries.

Through the trials and opposition in her life, God's hand is always on her and His redeeming power continues to take her to places she could never imagine.

She also co-hosts a podcast called WordPlay that blends entertainment and spirituality. You can subscribe to WordPlay on iTunes and Google Play. 


Episode 003: Try It Tiny with Maggie Daniels

June 14, 2017

Check out my interview with the Founder at Try It Tiny, which connects people to give them the opportunity to rent a tiny house or share their land with tiny house enthusiasts nationwide. Become part of a growing community by renting a tiny house or parking your tiny house on hosts’ properties. Try It Tiny started from Maggie’s dedication to help tiny house owners in need of a parking solution. Whether it's for a short or long-term stay, they aim to aggregate as many options as possible. It has quickly evolved to also engage tiny house enthusiasts and offer a way to give tiny living a try, before they buy.


Episode 002: Saving Superwoman with April Ervin

May 31, 2017

April is a Spiritual Life Coach and founder of Saving Superwoman – a ministry dedicated to bringing

greater peace and healing to the lives of women around the world. After more than 20 years of

attempting to be “superwoman”, God prompted several monumental shifts in her life to help her

understand there is only Savior and it was not her. After a series of significant health issues the Lord

healed her body in unimaginable ways. April is literally a walking miracle.


Episode 001- Perfectly Imperfect with Hazel Owens

May 17, 2017

Your passion is God's permission! I speak to Hazel Owens, founder of Perfectly Imperfect, Inc., about what it takes to walk in your purpose. 


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May 10, 2017

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